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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  August 29, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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>> you've seen us catch online predators. take a seat. >> men going after children on the internet. but this time, we'll show you things you've never seen. okay. take you behind the scenes of our sting operations. >> they're talking about a meeting? you will hear the uncut versions of the story.
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parallel investigation so that deputies and detectives would make the arrest and begin their investigation. this particular investigation saw the highest number of men ever in any of our "to catch a predator" investigations. 51 men showed up in three days. you come here, have a seat. you know what? >> i know. >> sit down, please. >> okay. >> set your stuff down on the counter. have a seat. you knew what? >> i was in trouble. >> you knew were in trouble. please sit down, relax. >> actually, i'm not relaxed. i'm not going to give an interview. >> you're not going to give an interview? >> no. i'd just get in trouble. just silly. i was just bore and silly. >> what are you doing here? >> i'm stupid.
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>> this is a guy who not only had been caught before by perverted justice and knew it, he had seen one of our previous investigations. and when he first showed up at the house, he saw police making an arrest just outside of our undercover house. so he leaves. he gets nervous. he calls the decoy. the decoys says, the cops are just doing a drug bust next door, don't worry about it. he comes back. why did you do it anyway? >> i don't know. i was bored. i just -- you know -- >> so you're bored, you're going to come over and try to have sex with a 13-year-old? >> no, no, i don't know what i was going do. >> you're keith, right? >> correct. >> what is your last name? >> williams. >> we have done the research as best we can on their background to determine if there's a
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criminal history, whether or not they're registered sex offender, somewhere, of course, we have the chat blog. it's all there in black and white. keith williams thought he was going to be meeting young teenage girl. what would have happened if i wasn't here, keith? you show up with booze. what else? >> that's all, booze. >> you got booze? you're going to booze up a 13-year-old girl? >> i don't even if she was 13, no matter what she says. >> what did she tell you? >> you're right. can we get down to you can hang around, i'm telling you i am wrong. >> it's not your first time down this road, chat wise. >> i'll get rid of my computer, i'm not that great on it anyway. i'll get rid of it. i'll never touch the thing again. i'll go to meetings whatever you need me to do. it's not that i'm kissing your
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ass, it's just that i know that i'm wrong. >> so many guys deny, deny, deny but williams almost immediately falls on his own sword. i mean he's admitting to me, yeah, i was wrong, i shouldn't have done it, what's going to happen to me now? he wants to figure out how he can move through the process as quickly as possible. >> how much trouble am i in here? >> how much trouble do you think you're in? >> i'm in a lot of trouble. >> you know what you said online? >> i know. it is so much easier to type things, you know? >> barely 20 lines into this, "are you a virgin?" >> just boredom. >> boredom? why can't you find a hobby or something? >> you're right. can i just -- can we skip on to this so i can get into trouble? definitely wrong. do i go to jail? what do i do?
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>> often i feel it's necessary to read back significant portions of the chat because it will jar the guy into actually speaking to me. it's a way of getting these guys to tell their story. many of them will just say, yes, no, i was wrong, i'm sorry can i go? well, i want to know what was going on in this guy's head. take naked pictures of her, you say? >> i don't know. i'm not denying anything i said, it's all right there. >> "what kind of panties do you have on?" >> okay. >> "nice. what size boobs do you have?" >> yeah, i know. i'm just an idiot. >> "can i videotape us?" are you going sell it? >> i don't have a videocamera. >> "i want to watch it and masturbate to it." >> eh. >> eh? >> i'm wrong. you understand, i'm telling you that i'm wrong. >> ever done this before? >> i've talked to girls.
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i never met anybody. >> ever talk to anybody underage? >> i don't know. >> try again? >> i don't know. i've talked to some girls but i never met anybody. >> ever hear of a group called perverted justice? >> yes, i have. i know about it. >> you're posted here, after talking to a girl who said she was 12. it's the chat log, keith. >> i understand. >> take me inside your mind. what's going on? >> just bored. i'm single, just bored. honestly, that's it. >> no girls your age? >> i didn't say that. there is. i date people my age. you're right. but what i'm saying it's not like -- actually, 13 is way young and it's wrong, but i don't know, maybe something in my head goes -- >> something in your head goes what? >> i don't know. something's wrong. you're absolutely right. i don't know. like i said, i'll go to
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meetings, whatever. >> i think it's part addiction, part compulsion and they develop these addictions and compulsions on the internet. there's 24-hour a day, 7-day a week access. there are porn sites. there are chats. and at some point the only thing that will satisfy these guys is the face-to-face meeting. the computer part doesn't thrill them anymore. they need that next level of excitement. do you ever watch tv? >> yeah, somewhat. somewhat television. >> ever watch "dateline nbc"? >> i seen that episode. i don't prefer to be on camera. >> i'm chris hansen. you saw the earlier episode? >> yes, i did. it's not that i'm -- >> let me get this straight, you saw our earlier story? >> right. >> you drove by this house and saw police out front? >> yeah. >> yet walked in here, anyways? >> bored, like i told you.
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>> you got to want something to risk coming in here after seeing police out front. >> i just thought she might have been -- i don't know, maybe it's -- honestly i don't know. so i guess i'm going to walk outside and get arrested, i suppose. it's not that i'm a bad guy. and i don't think i would -- i just -- do we have to have the cameras on me? >> well, we do have to. >> fine. >> you're free to leave. >> i'm going to leave that there. >> you can take, too. >> i don't need it. sorry, i didn't mean to bump into you. >> some do know what's going to happen next. in fact, it's interesting because sometimes we see guys stay and chat figuring, you know, i might as well hang out here for a little bit because i know what's going happen once i leave. >> oh, man, i never done this before. i don't know what i was thinking. just bored. >> this was a guy who knew he was in trouble, knew what he had done was wrong. he was going to work his way through it as qui your throat. >> i don't think you're going want to do that. at just $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. whether it can be done safely and responsibly. at exxonmobil we know the answer is yes. when we design any well, the groundwater's protected by multiple layers of steel and cement. most wells are over a mile and a half deep so there's a tremendous amount of protective rock between the fracking operation and the groundwater. natural gas is critical to our future. at exxonmobil we recognize the challenges and how important it is
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to do this right.
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he walks in. he makes himself right at home. i mean, he basically acts as if he were showing up at an old friend's house. >> i want to take a shower. >> i don't know. >> we clearly have the element of surprise. i mean, these guys sometimes don't know whether to think, i'm the mad dad who came in unexpectedly, the police, or an investigative reporter. and so, their mind is whirling away trying to figure how they're going to deal with this situation. and sometimes they just decide they're going to, you know, act like they did nothing wrong.
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why don't you come on over here and have a seat, please. >> how you doing? >> good. how are you? >> all right. >> sit down. what is go on? >> i'm meeting a friend i met on internet. >> really? allen did not miss a beat. it was almost as if, when i walked in, i was somebody he had met before. no admission at all that this was a bad situation. that what he was doing here constituted a felony. you know, he was here to have a date with a 13-year-old. and yet, now he's going to be my best friend. and who's your friend who you met on the internet? >> sam. >> sam? >> yes. >> and sam is who? >> a person i met off the internet. >> man, woman? >> oh, it's a girl. >> it's a girl? >> i don't know how old. that's why i'm here, i'm just curious. >> they can say they're curious and i'm sure they are curious.
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but when you go back and read the chat log, it's not hard to see that they were more than curious. they were there to actually have a sexual liaison. >> it was curiosity that absolutely curiosity that got me. >> and what's your name? >> dan. >> dan. and what's your last name? >> allen. >> allen. we knew that there was a conviction in his past. it had to do with a domestic incident, stalking. he had gotten in trouble for that. so you know here he is, some years later, apparently willing to commit another crime. how old are you, dan? >> 47. >> 47. but you know -- >> you say, just wait one second, and you say -- wow, 13. am i too old? nah. am i too young? i hate to say this, but you're not. why do you hate to say that? because it's like i'm old pervert, but girls your age are much more fun.
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>> i have conversations with people turn out to be guys, more than half the time, you know or turn out to be a very nice woman and that's basically how it goes out there. i don't -- you know what i mean? >> but if somebody tells you they're a 13-year-old girl don't you see something inappropriate about that? >> maybe so, but i had my -- i -- my big doubts that she was 13. >> but if somebody says they're 13 maybe you should just stay away? >> well, you're absolutely -- you're absolutely -- like i say -- a couple past experiences so that they're never 13, you know. >> so you visited people online? you visited people you met online who said they were 13 before? >> well, yeah, 13 or 15. >> so, it's not the first time you've done this? >> well, wait a minute. it's -- i've never met a
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13-year-old girl from online. >> i'm saying did you ever meet somebody that said they were 13 online? >> no, not 13. 16 in my area, and it was a -- it was a guy that was -- i don't know, mid 20s, you know? who had a big laugh on me. but that's why i was just -- i was just very curious. >> there were a few moments when i was talking to dan allen where i thought, you know, based upon the look in his eyes, that this could go a couple different ways. one of them not so good. >> i wish i could just run home with my tail between my legs and i'd feel like apologizing but i mean, like, it's cyber. who do i apologize to? and -- i don't know. i feel sick. >> well, i am not the police. but i am chris hansen with "dateline nbc" and we're doing a story on computer predators. he knows that he's a bad situation once the camera guys come out. and so he's not going to try to be my pal anymore. he's mad. >> well, you better -- i'll
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shove that camera down his throat. >> i don't think you're going to want to do that. >> why's that? >> i don't think you want to do that. we can't keep you here. you're free to leave, obviously if you want to go. had he decided to pursue the more aggressive route and had he gotten physical, i mean, we had security there, and security people would have stepped in to prevent that from happening. >> okay. but can i talk to you outside? >> you can say whatever you want to say -- >> no, i mean -- obviously want to say something off camera. >> i can have the cameras turned off at this point. >> well, then i'd like to say that pretty much i think that you have it all wrong. but your point's well taken. >> if you want to follow up, my e-mail's on here, phone number's on here, you can call me, talk
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to me if you want to follow up. >> hi, guys. pretty weird. cut. >> i know that what he wants to do is get me outside off-camera and try to convince me he shouldn't be part of our investigation, and that's just not an option. and so, it sounds weird but i'm trying to be polite and decent with the guy, but yet at the same time suggest that, okay, it's time to go. you're free to leave at any time. i'm not going to try to keep you here. if you have anything else you'd like to say, fine. >> no, you're just doing a story and i got caught up in it, is what you're saying. but it's probably a very good story. >> anything else you'd like to -- >> nope. >> you're free to go. why don't you come out the front way, if you'd like. >> sure. >> i think sometimes these guys are trying to figure out how they're going to leave. if they go out a different door are they better off doing that? most of these guys are not harden criminals who are going try to run from police.
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once they see that they're going to be arrested, that a number of deputies or officers are there they pretty much cooperate. how old are you? >> i'm stupid. >> how old? >> thoroughly, completely stupid. >> how old are you? >> 56. >> 56. >> i'm stupid. i've never done such a thing. god, please, please just go. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering
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you know, i get asked all the time, what do these guys have in common? and what i say as an answer is that the vast majority of these guys do not stand out of a crowd. they don't have the word "predator" tattooed to their forehead. hello? >> hey. go ahead and hang out at the
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kitchen counter, because i have to brush my teeth. >> okay. >> what's in the bag? >> oh. nothing really. >> good evening, how are you? why don't you have a seat on the stool, please. >> okay. >> do me a favor, just take your lands out of your pocket, if you would. what's going on? >> i'm going to leave. >> no, no, i think -- trust me, you want to chat for a minute before you do that. >> okay. i want to go, please. i -- i don't -- >> what are you doing? i want to see what's in your pocket. >> just a cd. >> of what? may i see it? >> songs i have. >> songs? >> yes. >> in stephen coates, you've got a guy who has a good job, successful executive. he composes his own music. he's made his own cd. he's got his own website. he has a life, a wife, a son. it's never ceases to amaze me in how one part of a guy's life it
2:23 am
can be so totally normal, successful, and yet they have this secret dark side where they're trolling internet chat rooms for dates with teenagers. and what are you doing here, stephen? >> i was doing something that i shouldn't be. >> and what is that? why don't you tell me? >> sir, i just want to go, okay, please? >> what are you doing here trying to meet a girl who told you she was 13 years old, stephen? >> i never done such a thing and i didn't want to do it. >> why did you do it, then? >> because i -- i'm stupid. >> how old are you? >> i'm stupid. >> how old are you? >> i'm thoroughly, completely stupid. >> how old are you? >> 56. and i'm stupid. and i've never done such a thing. god, please, please, just go. >> you can tell his first instinct was turn and go. then he thought better of it.
2:24 am
we had a chat for a short while. you talk about sex and things like that, anything with boys or men in a sexy way? >> sir, please. i beg of you, believe me, i never done such a thing. i'm crazy. and i'm wrong. and i just want to leave. and i just want to have this -- okay, please, please i beg of you. >> this is a pretty sexually charged conversation for somebody your age to have sex with somebody who says they're 13. >> please, sir, i know. and i just -- i don't want -- i want it to end. i really want it to end and just go. >> well, there's a couple things you need to know. one is i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc" and we're doing a story on adults who try to meet children on the internet. now there's -- there's nothing that i can do to make you stay
2:25 am
here, but if there's anything else you'd like to say, we'd like to hear it. >> i'm sorry. >> and he leaves to try to avoid being on camera anymore and as he gets to the end of the driveway, riverside county sheriff's department is there. and this is when he really starts to come unglued. >> please i beg of you. i just -- >> you beg of me what? >> just let me go, please. please let me go. >> are you serious? >> i'm very serious. i never done such a thing in my life. i never want to do it again. i'm just -- i just want to go, please? >> since you're the first person to say that today, we'll let you go. >> i'm a good guy, i've got a good job. i hadn't done anything yet, you know? but the reality is, the chat, the fact that they showed up, you know, that's a crime right
2:26 am
there, in the eyes of the police. >> i've read all of your text messages that you had with this young female, all right? it's all there. all right? and you repeat several times, erase our conversations, you know, i can get in a lot of trouble with this. you knew exactly what you were doing. >> yes, that's right. >> there's no doubt in my mind, or anybody that sees this, you knew exactly what you were doing. >> that didn't mean i was actually going to do. >> sitting on your computer at home and enjoying the play, talking is one thing, all right? showing up at her house is a clear indication that your intent was to complete those three acts you talked about, anal sex, vaginal sex and oral sex. >> no, no, no, no, no, no, no. i never said anything about having vaginal sex. >> yes, you did.
2:27 am
>> well, let me put it this way. whatever, i mean, you know how it is online. you talk to people you don't know who you're talking to and it's just -- i mean for -- >> he was in control of his life, up until that very moment and he couldn't control the fact that he was going to be on television, and he couldn't control the fact that he was going to be arrested. and that, i think, freaked him out. >> what did you think was going to happen? >> i thought she was going to ask me to take her for a ride to get a burger, i would have talked to her a little bit. >> please. nobody's going to be home. nobody's going to see us. your brother's going to be gone, your parents are going to be gone. i just told you that i just read this, all right? >> i know, but that doesn't mean i would actually do it. there's so much fantasy online.
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>> hey. are you out there? hey. >> i'm brushing my teeth real fast, okay? >> what happened? >> i have crap stuck in my teeth. >> your teeth? >> we were watching from the next room on the monitor, as robert lyons came into the backyard and started to open the sliding door to come into the kitchen. >> just hang out at the kitchen counter for a second, okay? >> what happened?
2:32 am
>> do you want a drink or something? >> no, that's okay. >> all right, hang out at the counter. i got to go get my shirt on? sit down at the counter for a second. i got to go get my shirt on. >> he was leery, suspicious. and sneaky looking. you know he looks in and peers around and as it turned out, lyons had good reason to be suspicious. it wasn't his first time down this path. >> robert lyons, lewd acts of a child 14, 15 years old. so same sort of sex rap. robert m. lyons, but what is crazy is that -- check this out -- he says in the chat that he is 28. >> that ain't no 28. >> there's no way he's 28. >> in fact he was 68 years old. we see a lot of fibbing online about ages, but it's usually five or ten years, you know, not 40 years. >> this is his picture, right?
2:33 am
that's his sex offender arrest picture. it's the same guy. >> yeah. yeah. >> everything is the same. >> when you think that this guy had just recently pleaded guilty to having sex with an underage boy, that he had the guts to tell somebody he was 40 years younger than he really was, and then to follow through on the chat by actually showing up, i mean, it's stunning. what was your plan here today, robert? >> no plan. >> no plan at all? i've got the transcripts of your conversation here. >> i'm sorry? >> i've got the transcripts of your conversation here. you say to him, i'll be your girlfriend and you be my boyfriend, huh? he says are you a girl? you say, no, oh sometimes i wish i was. you say what do you wear? he says, panties, bra. it's a pretty sexually charged
2:34 am
conversation, robert, to have with a 13-year-old boy. what conclusion am i to draw from this? >> just conversation that probably was offhanded. >> what it sounds like, robert, is that you wanted to come here to have a sexual liaison with a 13-year-old boy. >> no, it was not my intention. >> what was your intention? >> just to talk, whatever. >> the problem, robert, is, is that your history would contradict that. given the fact that you are a registered sex offender, isn't that correct? correct. >> and what were you convicted of before? >> lewd conduct. >> lewd conduct. specifically what was that conduct? >> with a minor. >> what did you do with a minor? >> sexual. >> in what way sexual? >> there was intercourse. >> intercourse. so you had intercourse with an underage boy? >> yes. >> even though we do as much
2:35 am
background research as we can do on these guys, there are still certain things that you only find out once you are face-to-face and you can have a discussion. you were convicted of that. how long were you in prison for that offense? >> i wasn't in prison. >> you weren't in prison? you got probation? >> correct. >> how long were you on probation? >> still on probation. >> you're still on probation now. so you're on probation for having sex with a boy how old? >> 15. >> 15. and now you're in this house to meet a 13-year-old boy? how does that look, robert? >> i didn't know he was 13. >> he said so. he was just coming over to talk and hang out, he was not going to deviate from the script one bit. he was going to stick to his story until the bitter end. what would have happened if i
2:36 am
wasn't here, robert? >> i don't know. probably would have talked and met up, that's it. >> talked and met up. is that what you did with the 15-year-old boy in the last case? >> i made a mistake. and i didn't know he was 15. he told me he was 18. >> what did you learn from your previous mistake? >> i learned to be more careful, stay away from -- not to be subjected to the proposition or making propositions to anybody. >> but robert, you're in a home, trying to meet a 13-year-old boy. you had to register as a sex offender? >> correct. >> do you see a counselor? >> correct. >> you do? and when was the last time you saw your counselor? >> two weeks ago. >> two weeks ago. did you talk about your sexually charged conversation on the internet with a 13-year-old boy? >> no. >> why did you tell 13-year-old
2:37 am
luke that you were 40 years younger than you actually are? >> because i think the internet is a place where you just -- it's so pretension. >> a pretension. >> you pretend to be this, pretend to be that. >> is this pretend what you're doing here today? >> no. >> seems pretty real to me. >> this is real. >> it's real. >> you showing up here is real. >> what does that say about your ability to distinguish between what is pretend and what is real? >> there's a fine line between that. it's kind of -- >> you know what could happen to you now? as a convicted sex offender? >> correct. >> showing up here? what should happen to you? >> i'm not really sure. probably more enforcement of -- of my counseling.
2:38 am
>> well, robert, i've got to tell you something. i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc" and we're doing a story on computer predators. if there's anything else you'd like to say to us, we'd like to hear it. if not, there's obviously nothing i can do to keep you here and you're obviously free to go. he knows he's in significant trouble. i mean, if you go back and look at record from the previous case -- >> drop it. >> it would appear that he perhaps got probation instead of prison time, because the 15-year-old boy he pleaded guilty to having sex with told him he was older. >> how old, 68? >> and he wasn't going to catch a break on this one, because it said in the transcript, this boy was 13.
2:39 am
>> robert lyons. i thought it was somebody else >> clearly he's had experience going through the criminal justice system, but it became pretty clear immediately during the police interview that lyons knew his way around the system and saw no benefit whatsoever in having any meaningful conversation with detectives. >> why are you here? tell me what's going on today. what are you coming over to the house for? >> at this point i think i will talk to an attorney on this. >> okay. >> so, a month ago, you got caught by perverted justice. >> i didn't get caught. >> talking to somebody who said they were underage? >> yes. >> and you didn't learn any lesson about that?
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2:43 am
i've got the transcript, and she doesn't say anything about 18. the only thing she says is that she's 13. they have to make up this story on the spot. and when you have to make up a story, that quickly, you know it can sometimes be difficult to ad-lib especially when confronted with transcripts and the fact that you've brought certain things that you promised to bring a young teenage girl. 39? and why do you think it's okay for a 39-year-old to come visit a 13-year-old? >> it's not. >> then why did you do it? >> i don't know. i've never done it before. >> really? >> seriously. >> do you have a plan for tonight? >> no, not really. i mean, i -- no definite plan. she kept saying something about sex or whatever and i told her i wasn't coming up to hook up. i just wanted to hang out, talk
2:44 am
with her. >> that's hard to believe especially when you go back and look at the chat logs and the fact that they talked about bringing certain kind of alcoholic beverage and here he is with that exact type of wine cooler. what do you got in the bag there? >> she asked me to bring some of that for her mom. she said she was drinking some of her mom's coolers. or something. >> for her mom? you know, i have the transcript. >> but she said she was drinking some -- >> that's not what she said. >> yes, she did. she wanted me to bring some of those. >> for her. she likes them. >> she was drinking the ones out of her mom's refrigerator for her. i guess it would be to replace them. >> i don't know if that was off the top of his head but that's what he was going with. he stuck with that story to the
2:45 am
bitter end. you ask her ever had sex with a guy before? yeah, one time. when was that? how was it? so, you think you can handle yourself then with an older man. >> just making conversation. >> maybe i can have a mom and daughter thing? >> yeah, stupid. >> you seem a little worried in this internet conversation about the possibility of her being a cop. >> you know i feel strange when i talk to people online because you don't know who they are. >> she pretty much said who she is. >> she said she wasn't a cop. or anything like that. >> that's right. >> she kept asking me the same thing. i said no. >> you say, i got caught. >> well, there was like an online detective or whatever that was in one of the chat rooms or whatever. and she said that she was undercover, whatever, for, i
2:46 am
don't know what group it was or whatever. she didn't give me a groups name. >> perverted justice. >> i think so. >> you got caught one time by perverted justice? >> i wasn't doing nothing. i was just chatting. no sexual contact. >> how long ago did this happen? >> a month ago or so. >> a month ago you got caught by perverted justice? >> well, i didn't say i got caught. she just said -- >> talking to somebody who said they were underage? >> yeah. >> and you didn't learn any lesson from that? >> i guess not, not really. >> did you send her pictures? >> what was on my little window. in my box. >> and what was on your little window? what kind of pictures? >> pictures of me. >> what kind? >> my face. >> apparently he got another picture of somebody else's genitalia and sent that, and i'm not sure why somebody would do
2:47 am
that, but that's what he told me he did. i mean maybe i'm just getting older or maybe i'm square, but i just had no idea that so many people were sending these sorts of pictures to each other on the internet. >> just curious to find out if somebody's interested. i'm not looking for girls to have sex with online. it's all conversation. >> all role playing? >> basically. that's what being online is? you somebody you're not normally in person or life or your social life, whatever. you just -- you can be whoever you wanted. >> what should happen to you? >> i don't know. the words might say i was coming up here -- i didn't come here with condoms. i told her i didn't want to hook up. curiosity got the best of me. i don't know. >> you could have stopped chatting.
2:48 am
>> i could have, right. i could have. >> well, scott, there's a couple things you need to know. one is that i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc" and we're doing a story -- now he thinks, i suppose that okay, fine i just have to leave here and i'm golden. i
2:49 am
2:50 am
2:51 am
just hang out for a second, all right? >> yeah. >> you bring the camera? >> it was like where he had gone through an eco challenge race. he had walked, he had gotten on a bus, he had walked some more, and when you see him come up the driveway, he's got a backpack and a hat, and he looks like a hiker. and he's weary. thirsty. hey, sir, could you come back over here, please, and have a
2:52 am
seat right -- you seem to be in a hurry there. have a seat right there, please. >> all right. please sit down. why were you in such a hurry to get on other side of the fence. >> i thought i was looking for somebody. i'm sorry. >> who were you looking for? >> john patterson. >> john? patterson? >> yeah. >> and why were you looking for john? >> i was going to talk about some business. >> and what business was that? >> i wanted to try to find a job somewhere, and i heard about john patterson. >> and why did you come to this house looking for john patterson? >> i had a phone call. >> a phone call? >> yeah. >> from? >> i -- in fact i actually don't know the guy besides the fact that his name was -- i don't remember his name. it was about five hours ago. i've been walking. >> so, you were just walking down the road and you thought
2:53 am
that this fellow with a construction company lived in this house? >> somebody told me -- >> who is somebody? >> a young man on the phone. >> a young man on the phone. and how did you reach this young man on the phone? >> he had called me. >> he had called you, just out of the blue? >> no, i think he had my number. >> he starts to get into this well, i'm here to apply for a job. i said you know the folks who live here? no, but i knew that they were looking for somebody to do some work. and i said, really, what kind of work do you do? well, you know, driveway work, resurface driveways and cement and stones. and i'm thinking at this point, okay, here we go. i'm going to let the line out here and see how far he takes it. and what's your name?
2:54 am
>> my name is michael. >> michael wooltsey? >> no, michael wehry. >> michael wehry. you're saying this is somebody else though we're know you're at public library using a computer. >> you know i was at a public library. >> you don't know everything i know. so you want to tell me the real story now, or you want to go with what you got? it's up to you. >> and what is the real story get me? >> it's not the first time somebody has tried to take that position. you know, that's an old e-mail account, i don't use it anymore. but when you take him through the math of the situation, okay, this is your screen name, right? right. this is the communication that we have between somebody using your screen name and a young teen and all of a sudden you're here. you, not someone else, your
2:55 am
story doesn't make that much sense. now maybe i'm skeptical -- >> i don't -- >> but -- >> i don't know who you are. i don't know who you are. i came in here. i was just telling that gate's open, come on in, okay? >> it just defied logic. and at some point in the interview, you can see that he knew that this wasn't going to work out to be a great story for him. what this sounds like, michael, is that you were coming here to have sex with a 13-year-old boy. >> hell no. >> why would you say these things to somebody who you thought was a 13-year-old boy. >> the computer, in the library, been using my name. >> so, it's one big mix-up? >> i'm telling you what i came here. i don't have sex with anybody. not me. and if you were anybody that had access to my record, you'd look
2:56 am
at my record, figure out the only time i had any problems with anybody and a young woman. unless you looked at my adolescent stuff, and then i was an adolescent. >> you've got a record? >> i'm guessing i do. >> you're guess you do? >> i have a record. you know it. >> you had a problem with a young woman? >> a long time ago. >> did you do time for that? >> don't you know? >> i'm asking you. >> why are you asking? >> i want to know the truth. >> yes, i've done time for that. straight up. i've done time for that. i was with a young woman. ain't no kid in me. >> we know that he's got a criminal history. and then we have this chat. it's right there in black and white. you're talking to a boy named luke. >> i don't know a boy named luke. >> i'll be there as close to 11:00 as possible.
2:57 am
i will need your number so that i can call you when i'm near the bus stop. i will look for you and we will discretely go to your room and talk and talk about whatever pops up and stimulates you to whatever you want. >> you are reading me something that somebody wrote. i'm sorry to hear that. >> so i need exact bus stop near our place as i get off. i'll walk toward your street. you also must tell me how to get to your bed from there. >> well, i don't know about what everybody -- that this person has said to a 15-year-old. i never met a 15-year-old. >> well, the reason i'm curious about all of this is that i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc." and we've been doing a story on computer predators adults who go online to try to meet young teenagers. now if you have anything else
2:58 am
you'd like to say for yourself, we'd love to hear it. if not, you're obviously free to leave and go on your way. >> i'm not doing anything. no. there's not a scott patterson. >> do you have scott patterson's name written down? >> i have an address. that's all i was going to do. i don't have no phone number, no address. >> you never wrote down scott patterson's name anywhere? >> no. >> he maintained until the very end of the interview that he was just a dusty, determined traveler who came from a long ways away to try to get honest work. the problem with that, of course, is that none of it makes sense. when you put it altogether, the chat, his crumbling story and the fact that you know, he's the guy sitting in the kitchen across from me, you know it
2:59 am
doesn't look good for him. >> the young man i thought was supposed to be here -- >> what's that person's name? >> scott was supposed to be here and he didn't mention his name. i said look --


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